Many people ask me how I started this creative journey and the best way to answer that is to give you a little glimpse into our lives leading up to this point.
We've had a whirlwind few years after our introduction to parenthood was quite stressful, with our first born arriving two months early in late 2012, whilst living in California and then losing my full time job and along with it that income - it was a huge knock.  We decided to make the move back to South Africa in 2014 which meant starting from scratch and was by no means easy, but we've built a great life, had Baby #2 in 2016 and bought our very first home in 2017.  Raising two little boys is not easy and I kind of lost myself somewhere along the way and always seemed to be searching for some sort of creative outlet. 

I was always creative as a child and am the daughter of a very crafty mother, so when I explored the art of macramé I was intrigued.  I watched a few Youtube videos and came across a tutorial on how to make a macramé wall hanging, so off to the hardware store I went and arrived home with a roll of cotton rope, only to spend the next 6 hours making this wall hanging.  Greg came home and was shocked when I said I had made it - he thought I had bought it somewhere! That sparked the fire and I haven’t stopped creating since.

After making a few of the more traditional pieces I decided I wanted to bring the techniques of macramé and fibre art back from the stone age and into the 21st Century, but to give my pieces a decidedly contemporary edge. 
During the lockdown I dug my Aunts vintage Bernina sewing machine out of the garage to make my kiddies some face masks and I have enjoyed sewing so much I’ve decided to add a Scatter Collection to my store. My focus for this collection is to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, so if you’re looking for mass produced products and prints you’ve come to the wrong place!! 
Sarah xo